Natalie Egger



A Fusion of Art and Culture
28 November 2023 – 28 February 2024
Hong Art Museum / Chongqing, China
2023年11月28日 – 2024年2月28日
地点:洪艺术博物馆 / 中国重庆
Pashmin Art Consortia

Natalie Egger, a self-employed artist, is actively engaged in the realms of photography, digital art, visual arts (with a special focus on portraiture and nudes), as well as street art. Her creative journey unfolds in the vibrant city of Vienna, where she resides and diligently hones her craft.

In Natalie Egger’s view, being creatively active means discovering one’s unique path beyond the boundaries of rationality. This statement, prominently featured on her website, succinctly encapsulates her approach to art: it’s a pursuit of creation for its own sake, echoing the principles of l’art pour l’art. For Natalie, the essence lies in the process of artistic creation, with less emphasis on the final outcome. Her professional life demands significant mental engagement, making the artistic process a welcomed respite, where she can work without the burden of outcome-oriented thinking.

Natalie has experimented with various artistic media, but two particular mediums hold her current fascination: photography and digital art on one hand, and acrylic painting (mostly on canvas) and pencil drawing on the other.

In her digital art and photography, she captures close-ups of random subjects encountered during her urban explorations or travels. These serendipitous encounters become snapshots, which she later consciously deconstruct through the fusion of two to four photographs, often incorporating her pencil drawings. At first glance, viewers may struggle to identify the subjects in her work. Natalie intentionally focuses on subjective perspectives, revealing only a fragment of the whole. Consequently, the subjects may appear differently than they would in reality, viewed from a conventional perspective. This transformative process yields entirely new digital creations, reimagining her original photographs in fresh and unexpected ways.

Natalie’s acrylic paintings and pencil drawings reflect her deep fascination with the human face and body, as well as their myriad expressions. Her sources of inspiration include dance, performance theater, and fashion.

For Natalie, art serves as a sanctuary—an arena where conscious thought can be set aside, allowing her inner world to flourish. It’s a journey of self-expression, exploration, and metamorphosis, and she extends an invitation to others to join her on this visual adventure.