Michael Hartfelder



A Fusion of Art and Culture
28 November 2023 – 28 February 2024
Hong Art Museum / Chongqing, China
2023年11月28日 – 2024年2月28日
地点:洪艺术博物馆 / 中国重庆
Pashmin Art Consortia

Michael Hartfelder is undoubtedly a remarkable artist and entrepreneur with an impressive career in the world of art and design. His extensive experience in the field of postcard designs and his 40 years of self-employment are a testament to his passion and dedication to creative expression. Of particular note is his specialization over the past two decades in 3D and animated lenticular items, which have enjoyed global success in prestigious museum shops such as MoMA, Getty, and the National Gallery.

His development of a “Minimal Pop Art Style with surreal influences” demonstrates his departure from conventional Pop Art trends. His minimalist depictions, incorporating geometric shapes and bold colors, lend his works a unique aesthetic. The striped background and the use of both matte and glossy colors contribute to the visual appeal and expressiveness of his art.

Particularly captivating are his almost childlike Pop Art characters like ALIBABA, LULU, MAXIM, and LANDSCAPES, which feature prominently in his works. These characters, along with other naive motifs, invite viewers to linger and daydream, delving deeper into the images. This element of reverie and introspection is a hallmark of his art.

The fact that his works are offered in various sizes by prestigious galleries such as museum and Art Gallery Gilardi in Italy, the Mankovsky Gallery in Sweden and Printed Originals in the UK underscores the recognition and success of his art on the international art market. The blend of minimalism, surrealism, and vibrant colors makes Michael Hartfelder’s art a valuable addition for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.